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Latex Free Hemorrhoid Banding Now Available



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Colorectal Surgeon


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     Alan-Park Rectal Retractor


Second Generation
Magic Loading Cone

     Abdominal Retractors 33cm (13")

     Abdominal Retractors Double-Ended, Thorlakson Type

     Upper Rectal Occlusive Clamp

     Lower Rectal Occlusive Clamp

     Blessing Scissors

Ligator Bands - pkg. 100's
Latex $20.00 / Non-latex $20.00
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McGivney Hemorrhoid Ligators

     Ligator Style One


Return ANY Broken Hemorrhoid
Ligator and receive a NEW
ligator for $250
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     Ligator Style Two

     Ligator Style Three   

     Ligator Style Four

     Ligator Style Five

     NEW - McGown Angled Skinny Style Forcep

McGown One-hand Suction Ligators    

     Suction Hemorrhoid Ligator - Style One

     Suction Hemorrhoid Ligator - Style Two

     Suction Hemorrhoid Ligator - Style Three

     Anoscopes for Hemorrhoids w/ & w/o Light (FO)

McGown Rectal Retractors

     Style One w/o Fenestration

     Style Two Fenestrated

Latex Free Hemorrhoid banding Now Available

Operating Rectoscopes w/ & w/o Light (FO)

Special Package FO Light-Source - Anoscope - Cable

Lithotriptor Set and Baskets

Hemorrhoid Band Cutters and Aspirators (Free Offer)

Loading Cones Hemorrhoid / Varices Banders

Rigid Biopsy Forcep - 2 sizes


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